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Youth Ministry

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Our mission is to respond to the spiritual, educational and social needs of our children by preaching, teaching and reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry provides for our children fun programs, activities that will allow them to express their faith through their own words and actions. Our goal is to encourage them to use their individual gifts and talents in programs and ministries that the Holy Spirit is moving them towards in order to nurture their growth as people of faith. Our goal also includes visiting in terms of the traditional school visits, but also in terms of attending key sports events, cultural activities, joining young people for an evening out at a restaurant or movie, going to the shopping mall, just being where the young people are; the key is being on the young person’s territory. The youth pastor must ensure that times are meaningful by taking the initiative to start conversations and asking leading questions. The emphasis is on relationships, not just hanging out. 

Academic Tutoring

To provide a safe, positive and productive educational environment that fosters learning and improves self-esteem. Students who complete the
program, show maturity and academic growth, that leads to becoming a successful student.

School visitation

An important role of the youth pastor is visit young people at home and at school, but should also be willing to visit families and parents as well.
School visit is an invaluable way to assist the teachers and the students as well as parents with any issues that might arise. It gives us the advantage of seeing the kids in their element with their peers and also identifies areas of concern.

Incentive Ministry

Incentive Ministry awards are giving to our children to recognize their academic achievement in school. We recognize our children for making
honor roll, improved grades, attendance, academic achievement and other accomplishments they may receive. Awards are given each grading period (4x a year) and school supplies first & second semester. We encourage our children just do the best you can. Most important we also encourage our children to attend Bible School and Church School to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

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