Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. L.E. Anderson, Jr., Senior Pastor

Where God Builds People

Where God Builds People

We believe strongly in the VISION that the LORD has given our Senior Pastor.  The strategy that GOD has in place to see HIS VISION come to reality can be best visualized in a shape of a baseball diamond.



INCLUDE THEM:  Being individually accountable for developing and including relationships with others in the Body of Christ, specifically with your brothers and sisters at The Mount.  Inclusion means that the people I worship with on Sundays must be more than just faces in the crowd, where there is no connection or bond. 

COMMITTED TO MEMBERSHIP: When we describe church membership as a “covenant commitment” to a local community of believers, we are simply saying that by becoming a member of a particular church, we are not simply entering into rights and privileges, but we are assuming certain responsibilities and obligations. 


INSTRUCT THEM:  The second base represents being Christ’s “disciple”.  Discipleship is modeling and teaching Christians the precepts of the Bible, mainly prayer, doctrine, and Christian living, which means having an attitude and heart that worships Christ.

COMMITTED TO MATURITY:  We start the Christian life as spiritual infants and must grow up.  When someone comes to Christ, the Bible says they are a new creation - a baby spiritually.  Paul says we should be “like a mother caring for her little children” or a “father dealing with a son.”  —1 Thessalonians 2:7-12


INVOLVE THEM:  Everyone has something to do at The Mount and more importantly in the Kingdom of God.  How does someone move from second base to third base? By being equipped to minister - through the Holy Spirit and the “equipping” ministries of the Church.  

COMMITTED TO MINISTRY:   The vision of the Church is to see people actively involved in eternal matters as it pertains to the building of the church in ministry.  ALL HANDS ON DECK!!   We need players that are willing to get in the game.  You’re not to be cheering for others in the stands, you need to be cheering for others right next to them IN THE GAME.


INVEST THEM:   As you grow closer to God, you begin to understand His desire for believers to love and to take His love to local communities and to the nations.  When you have been saved, discipled and started ministry, you will experience the joy of becoming a reproducer.

COMMITTED TO MISSIONS:   We are Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, not Mt. Pisgah Stationary Baptist Church.  A missional church is a body of believers who are doing just that! The heart of the church then becomes believers who are maturing, loving boldly, and sharing Christ.  To lead someone to Christ is a great thrill, and there is no greater thrill than to see someone you ministered to, lead someone else to Christ! 

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