Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. L.E. Anderson, Jr., Senior Pastor

Where God Builds People

Mission Statement

Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church shall be a Church of Divine purpose. Our purpose is to glorify Christ and allow Him to empower us to higher levels of faith, ministry, sacrifice and worship. We have purposed in our hearts to be conscience of a hurting community by maintaining relevant ministries that offer a haven of hope and healing. Our Fellowship shall be a community of love, intercession, reconciliation, forgiveness and genuine concern. Bold preaching and biblical teaching shall serve as the catalyst for Discipleship. We shall aggressively seek the salvation of the lost by individual and corporate Soul Winning. Biblical Giving is embraced as a privilege, priority and a pleasure. An inspiration, intelligent and informative Worship service shall be a Spirit led standard. Since Mt. Pisgah is a congregation of purpose, we shall never be confined to sanctuary walls, tradition, nor faithlessness.

Jesus has given the Church her MISSION STATEMENT in Matthew 28, better known to us as THE GREAT COMISSION!  Obviously, the mission of the church is the proclamation of the gospel to the world. However, in the strategic planning process, the "mission statement" is specific in nature and highlights different areas in which the MISSION of the COMISSION is carried out. It is unique for every congregation. The MISSION STATEMENT is a very simply expression of what the individual congregation needs to be about in order to be the church of God's intent.

The Mission Statement defines the destination (what? where? direction? how far?) the congregation is aiming on its journey toward being the church of God's intent. In other words, the Mission Statement translates the concept of the church of God's intent into terms relevant to the congregation and its specific situation. 

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